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11 Bathroom Decorations That’ll Add A Touch Of Nature

Don't just answer nature's call, surround yourself in it. Complete your bathroom's natural transformation by making it more eco-friendly: Pledge and Save with Scott Naturals®.

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4. This bamboo bath mat:


If that bath mat didn't rock your world, perhaps this bamboo one is more up your alley — it's hard to go wrong with something that's a renewable, water-resistant resource.

5. This basket:


Whether you need a place to store dirty towels or dirty clothes (or even a plant), this eco-friendly storage basket doesn't have trouble making a case for its use. (Dog, while also all-natural, is not included.)

8. This set of succulents:


Succulents are basically the perfect houseplant. They're small enough to fit on a windowsill and, because they're native to the desert, caring for them really won't suck much time out of your days.

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