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Welcome To Nostalgia Month!

September is the first annual Nostalgia Month, and BuzzFeed has a ton of exciting stuff planned.

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So, we've noticed at BuzzFeed that people love to share nostalgic stuff. From '90s foods you'll never eat again to unexplainable black and white photos, nostalgia is a core emotion of Facebook, Twitter, and the social web.

To celebrate, we've declared September, henceforth, to be known as International Nostalgia Month. September is the perfect time to celebrate nostalgia, with school starting and the leaves beginning to turn.


Nostalgia Month is a collaboration of every part of BuzzFeed. The edit, tech and design teams worked together to build a Time Machine, which you may have noticed the on our front page. A TIME MACHINE. With the flick of a dial, you can go back and experience other times as if BuzzFeed had been there to cover them. We're launching three decades this week — the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s — and will roll out three new decades each week this month.

The ad team is also working with GE to bring back the best ads in their history and sponsor amazing projects, like the GE "Then & Again" Photo Tool, a way to instantly create and share a decade-spanning portrait of yourself.

And more to come...

We'll be rolling out other top secret features, so you'll want to keep an eye on the site all month long!