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    Mar 6, 2013

    The Very Best True Facts

    Fact: Angler fish, tarsiers, and Morgan Freeman all share one thing in common — they've been featured in the True Facts series. And happily, every single fact is a true fact.

    1. True Facts About Angler Fish

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    Gender relations among angler fish are...weird.

    2. True Facts About Baby Echidnas

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    It's difficult to make shit up about the echidna because it's so damn weird.

    3. True Facts About The Seahorse

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    The male seahorse is the only the only male in the animal kingdom to give birth to its young.

    4. True Facts About Morgan Freeman

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    Did you know Morgan Freeman narrated his own birth? True story.

    5. True Facts About Sloths

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    Sloths choose one day a week to climb out of their tree and relieve themselves. To the insects on the ground near that tree, it's always the worst day of the week.

    6. True Facts About The Tarsier

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    Each one of the tarsier's eyes is larger than its brain.