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The Most Desirable Women Of 2011

According to AskMen, these ladies are the most desirable of all womankind. That's a lot to unpack, but here are the ladies rounding out the top 10 (with special consideration give to Nat Ports).

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  • 11. Natalie Portman

    We love Natalie at Buzzfeed because of her profound ability to laugh.

  • 10. Jessica Pare

    That girl from Mad Men! If she's good enough for Don Draper...

  • 9. Anne Hathaway

    Cat Woman!

  • 8. Katy Perry

    She has boobs, or something!

  • 7. Scarlett Johansson

  • 6. Cheryl Cole

    She's attractive and British! I don't feel bad that I hadn't heard of her.

  • For the top 5, head over to AskMen