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The Elaine Look

Remember how awesome the '90s were?! Long floral dresses with white socks are apparently back; ditto vests and unflattering glasses. "Elaine" should be an eBay keyword by next week. (Thanks Leti.)

  • The New Adventures Of Old Elaine

    As the New York Times writes:

  • "The Elaine look incorporates so many styles early American settler, gypsy, business casual, pious zealot that it was likely only a matter of time before one of them provided inspiration for designers. Indeed, the recent resort collections featured more calico than an alley of cats, and a chic Elaine specter hovered over lines as diverse as Prada and Rebecca Taylor, each with a multitude of prim prints."

  • Bloggers Be Skeptical

    Nymag's The Cut:

  • "The great thing about this revival, as ridiculous as it sounds (and looks, in person), is that it represents the shift away from the era of slutdom that has plagued young women for too, too many years.

  • Richard Lawson of Gawker:

  • "The most chilling thing about this apparent trend is that it doesn't seem to be just some bullshit concocted by the Times after seeing one girl dressed like an early-'90s singleton. No, like actual designers really are consciously doing this." "

  • Slate's XX Factor blog:

  • "Of course, no New York Times trend piece is complete without some highly implausible supporting evidence. This time around, it's the two paragraphs dedicated to hipster fashion darling Chloe Sevigny, who, according to Van Meter, seems to be "inadvertently" channeling Elaine in her latest collection, which is chockful of floral skirts and Peter Pan collars."

  • In Which Our Tipster Provides Photographic Evidence

    (Girl in the striped shirt.)

  • Elaine in the wild! Chatting.

  • Let's Not Forget George Costanza

    Anyway, all the hipster dudes are already dressing like George...

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