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The Amazing True Story Of Disaster Girl

A long time ago, in a land far away, a little girl was born named Disaster Girl. She was a very special girl who lived a remarkable life that changed the course of history. This is her story....

[Note: Everything on this page was made by creative BuzzFeed readers modifying this original picture!]

The fossil record shows Disaster Girl was there when the dinosaurs


Disaster Girl and the Dinosaurs

...and some secret books of the Bible say she was there when Jesus

was on the cross.

Disaster Girl and Jesus

She reappeared around the time the Black Death hit Europe, too.

Disaster Girl and the Black Death

Someone spotted her at Lincoln's assassination. Oh no, Disaster Girl!

Disaster Girl and Lincoln

She invaded Poland in 1939, and it got worse from there.

Disaster Girl and Hitler

Disaster Girl was seen on the grassy knoll the day Kennedy was shot, though no one could ever prove it.

Disaster Girl and JFK

And security footage shows she was in the bank with Patti Hearst.

Disaster Girl and Patti Hearst

She made sure the glove did not fit!

Disaster Girl and OJ

But she also made sure Bill knew who his new intern was.

Disaster Girl Introduces Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

And she helped Britney with some choreography for the VMAs.

Disaster Girl and Britney

She was seen giving Bill Gates ideas for Vista. Why, Disaster Girl, why?

Disaster Girl and Vista

And her face was well-known all over Wall Street, too -- she loved borrowing from the Chinese!

Disaster Girl and National Debt

And occasionally, when there aren't more important jobs to do and she's

feeling bored, Disaster Girl burns down a house just for fun.