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12 Amazing After School Specials

Classes are starting again, which means young people are ready to learn important life lessons.

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  • 1. My Dad Lives In A Downtown Hotel

    Can Joey learn to cope with his parents' divorce?

  • 2. Tattle: When To Tell On A Friend

    Cocaine: It can kill a friendship.

  • 3. Summer Switch

    It's nothing but trouble when a father and son's wishes come true and they trade places for the summer!

  • 4. Which Mother Is Mine?

    Alex tries to transcend the agony of being a foster child (starring Little House on the Prairie's Melissa Sue Anderson).

  • 5. Andrea's Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy

    "We can hitch a ride, we'll be there in no time." Uh-oh.

  • 6. Two Loves For Jenny

    How will she ever decide between her violin and her boyfriend?

  • 7. A Desperate Exit

    The editing at the beginning of this is straight up bizarre.

  • 8. A Secret Between Friends

    AKA, "When friendship kills," AKA "Secret Vomiting"

  • 9. The Best Little Girl In The World

    One of several anorexia specials that begins with a running scene. Starring Eva Marie Saint, Jennifer Jason Leigh, with a cameo by Ally Sheedy and directed by Aaron Spelling.

  • 10. Schoolboy Father

    An excerpt from the 1980 special about teen pregnancy, starring a very young Rob Lowe and Dana Plato.

  • 11. Ace Hits The Big Time

    Don't join gangs! (Ends in a dance fight.)

  • 12. Summer's End

    Girls can play baseball, too!