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The 11 Best Websites Of 2004

Man, the internet sure is getting cool!

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4. Daypop

Daypop is a search engine if it were run by someone with great selective taste -- like a "curator" of the web. It's a welcome relief to the clutter and bloat of major sites like or (below at #9).

6. Kazaa

The really internet savvy amongst you are already saying it: Kazaa is a service, not a site! True, but is the BEST place to download this awesome peer-to-peer file sharing application. It's goin to change music FOREVER.

7. Bolt

Bolt was one of the first websites to let their users create their own pages, and with some exciting new features (including something called "sponsored badges") coming this summer, it's poised to revolutionize web communities again.



As the tech sector starts to heat up again in the wake of the bubble bursting, there's a certain amount of schadenfreude to be savored in the demise of high-flying start-ups. Thankfully, Fucked Company is there to catalogue it all for us, as it happens. Hopefully it never sells out or gets shut down!

11. The Facebook

This site almost didn't make the list since it's only for students at a few elite colleges, but with plans to expand to a number of other schools next year — including, gasp, possibly high schools! — The Facebook could come to dominate the college market in the way Friendster has the web in general.