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Stupid Dumb Liveblog: The Marvel Movie Marathon

15 hours. 6 movies. 3 idiots. Starting at 11 am ET, get live updates from the theater as BuzzFeed sits through Marvel's movie marathon: "Iron Man, "Iron Man 2," "Hulk," "Captain America," Thor," and finally, "The Avengers."

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Update 1, 11 am

We're at the AMC near Lincoln Center. There were three New York city school buses parked outside, but thankfully they're here for the chimpanzee movie playing in the theater next door.

We're in a small theater, no stadium seating. My seat, which I'm going to come to know intimately, has had at least 15 years worth of strange asses assaulting its stuffing and long since given up trying to provide comfort.

It's going to be a long day.





Update 2, 2pm

It's almost 2, but the second of the day's movies, Hulk, hasn't started. There's a 30 minute break between movies. We just discovered that there are chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks here, so we won't be leaving the theater at all today.

The audience is fairly subdued. There are only a few costumes, two girls that people keep getting photos with. Most of our seat neighbors say they were just planning to get tickets for the Avengers, but those were $19 and this whole marathon is only $40, so why not. I haven't asked them what they do for work yet.

I really hope this isn't foreshadowing, but this theater is starting to develop a distinct odor, and it's not popcorn.

Update 3, 3:15ish

I lost track of time somewhere near the part in Hulk where everybody gets really emo, but they've only played two movies, so it can't have been more than 5 hours. Can it? It's hard to say in this darkness; with this ... smell.

All I know is that in my heart I am still holding out hope that this nightmare will be over soon, though logic tells me that my ordeal is only just beginning. If anyone is reading this, please tell my family that I love them.

Iron Man 2 is next!


Guy doing push ups outside the theatre:

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Update 5, 7pm

Still here.

The trivia session teetered on the brink of madness when no one could guess where the action scenes of most of the movies we've watched so far were actually filmed (Cleveland). Then, for some reason, the gave away a "21Jump Street" hoodie with no arms. Go figure.

Gotta go. Thor's starting.