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Poetry Battle: Let's Pick A Winner!

BuzzFeed's 10-person poetry staff has narrowed the results of last Friday's Poetry Battle down to three finalists, but after 72 hours of debate, we're still unable to choose the clear victor. They're all so good! So check out these dramatic readings of the three contenders by your host, Jack Shepherd, and weigh in with your own input. It's a battle: Three poems enter, one poem leave!!!

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  • 1. In Response to a BuzzFeed Post, By Spam Of God

    Read the original here.

  • 2. I Wandered 'Round The Internet, By Tanner Ringerud

    We've got the original right over at this very spot.

  • 3. A Haiku, By Teo A.

    See, now if you want to see the written version, cast your eyes at this very page!