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Pizzas For The Troops!

Pizzas 4 Patriots is a non-profit with one mission: To send tasty pizzas to U.S. soldiers stationed throughout the world. They came to the International Pizza Expo to drum up support.

Since being founded in 2008, Pizza4Patriots has sent 50,000 pizzas to troops across the globe.

Pizza4Patriots founder ret. Master Sergeant Mark Evans (above left) told BuzzFeed he founded the group after his son asked him while their family shared a pizza dinner, "Do the troops eat pizza?"

For the 2012 Super Bowl, they sent 10,000 pizzas to Afghanistan.

He also said they're currently trying to raise $250,000 to send 50,00 pizzas to Afghanistan for the July 4th this year.

Soldiers at FOBs (forward operating bases) are usually given priority for pizzas.

Not that long ago, pizza was banned for the U.S. military in Afghanistan.