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Make Your Own In-N-Out Wallet

With a few simple tools and a spare few minutes, you could be the proud new owner of a In-N-Out Burger wallet. Get DIY, y'all.

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  • 1. Get a paper hat from In-N-Out

    Just ask nicely when you order, and I'm sure they'll give you one. You'll also need tape and something to cut with.

  • 2. Disassemble the hat

    On the inside flap, it instructs you to PULL OUT to Your Head Size. Do this, but go even further.

  • 3. Tear away the tissue paper.

    Do it carefully; it should come right off.

  • 4. Cut off the section for your wallet

    The segment with In-N-Out on one side and the PULL OUT instructions on the other is just the right size. Cut at the fold. Careful with that knife!

  • 5. Fold in half

  • 6. Fold in the outer edges

    Fold a small section, 1/3 to 1/4 of an inch.

  • 7. Fit the edges

    Now fold the wallet in thirds again, with the outer edge of the lower section coming over that of the upper section.

  • 8. Tape the ends

  • 9. Make a small slit in the top

    You'll notice there's no place yet to stick yer cash. Make this small cut in the middle of the still folded over top...

  • 10. ...then use your knife like a letter opener in both directions

  • 11. Make a slit down the middle of the lower section, then fold the corners

  • 12. Cut the tape right to the edge

    This is to give your cards enough space to hang out.

  • 13. Fill it with yer cash and junk!

    You've got a wallet, friend!

  • Photos by Dobbins.