• So

    Constance wanted to take her girlfriend Minerva to the prom at at Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi. She hoped to wear a tux, too.

  • McMillen approached the school to make sure it would be ok for her and Minerva to attend. In response, the board sent out a memo including these guidelines for all dates:

  • Yikes!

    That’s when the ACLU got involved, and sent the school board a memo saying they were violation Constance’s civil rights by barring her from the prom. The school board responded by canceling the prom altogether. Now the ACLU is suing to make sure the prom happens. Write the school board and let them know you think this is not ok! (It’s not ok — for more on that, go here.) Write Theresa McNeese — tmcneese@itawamba.k12.ms.us and tell her to let Constance take her girlfriend to prom!