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Koman Coulibaly Is A Bad Ref

Referee Koman Coulibaly's bad call in the USA/Slovenia World Cup game cost us the win. So use the image tool below to Photoshop his likeness into situations which express your feelings!

Koman Coulibaly robbed us, U.S.A!

Despite being born on the 4th of July, Coulibaly clearly hates Amurica.

Here's the New York Times on his blunder in the game:

"Friday came with the score tied, 2-2, in the 85th minute, and a United States free kick from the right side, just outside the area. Landon Donovan sent it into an onrushing wave of Americans, and Maurice Edu redirected it in for what seemed to be the go-ahead goal.

"But Coulibaly nullified it, ruling an American foul on the play.

"Television replays showed no American foul; rather, at least two Americans were being pulled down by Slovene defenders."

But that's not all!

He made some very controversial calls on his way to the World Cup, and got Tunisian fans so irate they started a Facebook page asking for him to be removed from FIFA's referee roster.

Sounds like a good idea!

Please email FIFA using this stupid form on their stupid, stupid website.