• The story so far…

    So first Jezebel made fun of his Tweet about taxes and lazy people. By “made fun of,” I mean they pointed out in a Twitter round up…

  • Which upset Baio. He just wants fair representation!

  • Then Irin, a reporter at Jezebel, responded.

  • Which: Pretty much true. But turns out he had rope left to spare…

  • Then his wife, Renee, got involved, and things really went south. She chose Facebook (user ID: mrs.scottbaio) as her social media weapon of choice.

  • (via Jezebel)

  • (via Jezebel)

  • And more to come?

    The feud now stands thusly: Mrs. Scott Baio has contacted the Attorney General’s office (unclear which AG), so there will undoubtedly be no more updates on this pressing story. Thanks for your time! In the meantime, the Baio’s should take Ice-T’s advice.