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Foreign Oscars The Grouch

Cheaply made and strangely named: Meet Oscar's wide-flung foreign relatives!

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  • 1. Mexico

    This is Bodoque, from Plaza Sesame

  • 2. Germany

    Achtung! Hier ist Rumple von Sesamstrasse!

  • 3. Portugal

    Meet Ferrão, your friend from Rua Sésamo.

  • 4. Brazil

    Who's this scary guy? Why, it's Gugu from Vila Sésamo!

  • 5. The Philippines

    This dude? You know him as Kiko Matsing, that dude from Sesame!

  • 6. Turkey

    Aw, poor little Kirpik lives in a pile of boxes on Susam Sokağı.

  • 7. Israel

    This, friends, is Moishe Oofnik, a grouch who lives in a broken down car on Rechov Sumsum.

  • 8. France

    Naturally, the French grouch -- Mordicus -- plays against type. On 1, Rue Sésame, he's a fun-loving trickster who plays the saxophone WHAT?

  • 9. Spain

    Allo, it is your friend Oscar de la Basura!