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Dear Harrison Ford

An open letter about that movie he's in.

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  • Dear Harrison Ford,

    I'm writing about your new movie, "Extraordinary Measures." I'm a little confused.

  • What the fuck is it about? I've only seen the short TV spots on CBS and bus and subway ads, and frankly, it leaves me with no real idea what I'd see if I went to see it, though apparently you wear jeans.

  • I mean, it's got Brendan Fraser in it, looking self righteous but not retarded, or at least not on purpose.

  • I know I could just Google it and find out the plot summary, but when I do it looks like I'm not the only one confused. I feel like maybe the marketing people have decided I don't want to really know what it's about but instead maybe think it's a Tom Clancy story or something.

  • Is it a Tom Clancy story? Are you playing Jack Ryan again? I have to say, I saw "Patriot Games" again recently (again? ok, maybe for the first time) and it was fucking great. Bra-vo, sir.

  • Some of the billboards make it look like some movie about a family caught up in a terrorist plot somewhere. Maybe Yemen?

  • I bet this would be a great movie for playing that drinking game where you do a shot every time a character in the film says the name of the film. "I think we'll have to take...Extraordinary get this sandwich made."

  • Oh. It's about a father trying to save his dying kid from a rare disease. Based on a true story. Oops, my bad. Why didn't you just come out and say that! Anyway, sorry you didn't have such a great opening weekend. Fucking Avatar, am I right?

  • Best,

    Scott Lamb