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Cool Or Drool: The Workspaces Of Republican Convention

In a huge hall next to the Republican Convention, the nation's media has set up their temporary home. Some of their work spaces are amazing! Some are pretty lame, tbh.

Cool: When you walk into the exhibition hall, it's a mess of signs...

...and you need to beware of forklifts.

Cool: Big signs.

Drool: Empty spaces.

Cool: The Tampa Tribune's swanky space.

Cool: Being near bathrooms and having a nice chill-out zone.

Drool: This color scheme.

Cool: Goldfish!

Cool: The newspaper stack.

Cool: Working hard.

Drool: Walls and locked doors.

Cool: The woman "guarding" Time Magazine.

Cool: Flowers.

Cool: Huge screens.

Cool: Snacks.

Kingsize Butterfinger

An. Entire. Freezer. Filled. With. Freeze. Pops.

Drool: Unused space.

Cool: AP vs. Reuters


Drool: Empty workspaces.

Cool: Geraldo.

Cool: Birthday balloon.

Cool: Patriotic signs.

Drool: Accidentally knocking over signs.

Cool: The random condiment stations scattered throughout the convention hall.

Cool: This sandwich sign.

Cool: Huffington Post's sign...

...and adorable snack table.

Drool: Huffington Post's abandoned couches and unplugged TV.

Cool: Great free coffee at the Google cafe.

Drool: These t-shirts.

Cool: The Facebook/Twitter/Eventbrite space.

Cool: The Google Cafe.

Drool: Not having walls.