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BuzzedFeed: Was It Worth It?

Last Friday, BuzzFeed conducting a unique experiment testing the boundaries between publishing and drinking, which we called BuzzedFeed. Now, in the clear (sober) light of day, we sit back and wonder: Was consuming massive quantities of alcohol at work, while streaming our drinking to the internet at large, a good idea?

  • So, guys.

  • It was a long day. An epically long day. Little did we know when we began with the mimosas at 11 a.m. that more than 12 hours later we'd be stumbling home in various states of psychic disrepair, tripping into fridges, perplexed by taxi cab credit card machines, pizza cheese still hanging from our lips.

  • Of course, we should have known it. But after a few days of holing up in our respective apartments, watching reruns of "Throwdown With Bobby Flay" or the "Futurama" movie on repeat, we rested, we recuperated, we healed. In the long term, no damage done.

  • But what, exactly, happened? What did we learn from this grand human experiment? What can it teach us about game dynamics, about drinking on the job, about posting '90s music videos? Let's have a quick look at the evidence.

  • What Happened?

    The first and simplest question to ask is, what happened? In short, we got hammered. No better way to put it. But how did that manifest on the site? There's probably no easier way to capture our collective descent into inebriation that this:

  • Reverse Chron Feed Of BuzzFeed's Twitter During BuzzedFeed

    But how did it effect our job performance?

  • A few stats:

    Traffic: It was our third-highest Friday ever, traffic-wise.

  • Posts: We posted 94 items to the front page, a record. (Last Friday we had 57, the previous week, 39.)

  • Search: Searches for "BuzzedFeed" surged.

  • Even some of our stupidest posts did great. For instance, Jack's weird picture of himself (actually posted by me) got 6,500 hits and 100 responses.


  • Did People Like It?

    Sure, BuzzedFeed was not for everyone.

  • But more of you seemed to love it. Our Ustream Channel (you can see a recording of the last hour and a half here) had between 100 and 200 throughout the day.

  • And there were a lot of great comments:

  • So many nice things!

  • The feedback for BuzzedFeed on Twitter was similarly kind.


  • One of our favorite quotes of the day came from HR Lori's blog, where she aims to "unravel the complex world of human resources," with mixed praise:

  • "Ummm&I suppose I should caution about getting drunk at work, the risk of sexual harassment and injury, but a part of me really, really loves this."


  • So, was it worth it?

  • Yes.

    Will we be doing it again?

  • Yes.

    Lots of other exciting stuff coming up, too. Keep your eyes on the site tomorrow for a very special announcement.

  • And Look! Keanu Visited!

    (Thanks, Cybergata)