Bushmaster's Shockingly Awful "Man Card" Campaign

    The company that produces the semiautomatic rifle used in the Newtown, CT, shootings is currently running an online campaign based around virtual cards that "prove" the bearer's manliness. One specifically talks about how unmanly it is to be afraid of elementary-school kids.

    This is the "Man Card" landing page on Bushmaster.com

    The landing page shows you various cards that have been "revoked." Like this one for Colin F., who is apparently just unmanly.

    You can get your very own man card, if you are manly enough.

    There's a difficult test ahead. Will you pass?

    Think carefully.

    Wouldn't want to get this one wrong, bro.

    Almost there!

    Now comes the social media!

    You can also "revoke" someone's man card.

    You do this by filling out a form and sending the revocation notice to them. You can choose several different reasons.

    You can also browse the "revoked" cards. Like this one for Bushmaster:

    And these for an "Adam L.":

    This ad for the campaign is making the rounds on Twitter.