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Blake Lively In Handcuffs

Ben Affleck interviews Blake Lively in the newest issue of Interview. Here are the best parts of their conversation, with accompanying photos.

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  • AFFLECK: I always have to remind myself how young you are. You were 3 when Good Will Hunting [1997] came out.

  • LIVELY: [laughs] Not quite. [Note: Lively was born in 1987. Which, Jesus I'm old.]

  • AFFLECK: And you've never even seen it. That felt good to me.

  • LIVELY: You were in Good Will Hunting?

  • AFFLECK: You've gotten so much more bitchy since we wrapped the film.

  • LIVELY: But I think you have to say that I'm charming at the end of the interview. I think that's the rule.

  • AFFLECK: I'm going to introduce you to Jason Bourne so that you'll be grateful.

  • LIVELY: I'm already grateful.

  • AFFLECK: Well, that was the last question. I didn't get to some others I wanted to ask you, like, "Which day did you find yourself most impressed by me?"

  • LIVELY: Or am I happy that you don't wear cashmere turtlenecks anymore.