A Wax-Figure Factory Tour

Despite what you may think, wax figures don’t spring into existence directly from your nightmares. In reality, they’re made in factories, much like this one in Virginia. Which is terrifying enough!! Still, worth visiting a wax museum on your next road trip.

1. Just down this hallway…

2. …past these “spares”…

3. …and these…

4. …and finally past James Madison…

5. …you reach The First Head. Lincoln. Of course.

6. A gentleman who looks rather like Mister Rogers shows you the finer points of wax sculpting.

7. Part of it is about making good casts…

8. …part of it is about getting good clothing.

9. But the best thing about a wax museum factory is all the spare parts laying around.

Don’t have much to say about this.

13. Nope, not creepy at all.

15. Just some spare body parts! Looking great.

17. Totally normal.

18. Who’s this?

19. Oh. It’s seminal comedian and TV star Bill Cosby, that’s who.

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