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8 Things I Wish I Didn't Know

The newest Facebook meme: The eight things you really, really wish you could somehow un-know. Think of it as a clearinghouse for getting rid of those things you wish you hadn't read among your friends' 25 Random Things lists. Check it out and post yours, too!

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Rules: Share 8 things you wish you never learned, heard, seen, tasted or smelled or otherwise came to know. Then tag 8 people whose 8 worst things you'd like to know, too.

1. Learned: Exactly how a hot dog gets created.

2. Seen: Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate."

3. Tasted: Swedish blood sausage.

4. Learned: How you get rid of an eye worm.

5. Smelled: The reek that comes with cleaning out a rat's nest.

6. Heard: The sound a human body makes when it hits the ground from a great height.

7. Seen: The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after midnight.

8. Heard: The failed campaign song "Hillary 4 U and Me" -- that's nothing against Hillary or her campaign, I just really wish I had never heard that song. Even writing this now, the tune just appeared in my head again. I wish I could undo that.

I mostly like old, unpopular things, like from 2002. I'm also 102 years old.

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