3 Things About The New Digg

Did you know there’s a new Digg? There is — the site’s received a huge redesign to focus on social sharing. You can start your tour by following BuzzFeed!

  • 1. It's Shiny!

    The whole site's got a new look, and it's nice and light and airy. I don't know how to describe these things; I'm not a designer. Still, it looks better than it did. +1!

  • 2. It's Social!

    Instead of just reading the most Dugg stories of the entire Digg community, your default view is just to see those people (or publications, like BuzzFeed!) that you've chosen to follow. So you can see what your friends and favorite sites are making popular on Digg.

  • You can find profiles under the My News tab, and then browse them by category. May we suggest checking out the Offbeat section?

  • 3. It's Easier To Submit

    There's a nice, shiny submit form right at the top of the page, and it's easier to share submission/comments via Twitter or Facebook.

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