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12 Sweetest Pope Pictures

After we promoted that 12 Evilest Pope Pictures thing, we had a crisis of conscience, followed by prayer and finally insight. We'd like to apologize sincerely to the Holy Father for the error of our ways, and present a much better alternative meme. Please pray for its success -- we love you B16!

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  • 1. Everybody Gather 'Round

  • 2. "Ah, little cheeks! I just vant to bite them!"

  • 3. Ha ha! Good one!

  • 4. Why, You Little Rascal! Tee Hee

  • 5. Thoughtful Pope!

  • 6. This guy!!

  • 7. Hee! Goochie Goo!

  • 8. Ha! Vhere Did Pope Go?

  • 9. I used to have a dress just like that one.

  • 10. Got your nose! I'm being sweet!

  • 11. Orange blossom soap. Smells just like oranges, here smell!!

  • 12. And beyond!