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10 Best Cheerleading Movies

In honor of the debut of "Hellcats" tonight at 9 on the CW, we present you with our favorite cheerleader movies. And now there's finally a cheerleading show! You can rest easy, you big cheer fan.

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  • 1. Bring It On -- OBVS!

  • 2. Ninja Cheerleaders

    This looks...raunchy.

  • 3. Bring It On: All Or Nothing

  • 4. Fired Up -- Boys can cheer too!

    But only because they want to sleep with girls.

  • 5. Bring It On: In It To Win It

  • 6. Sugar & Spice

  • 7. Cheerleader Camp


  • 8. Cheerleader Massacre

    This looks pretty godawful, actually.

  • 9. Satan's Cheerleaders

    Oh good god.

  • 10. Debbie Does Dallas

    Yes, it's a punchline. But it used to be a cheerleading movie. Sort of.