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10 Photos That Are You Being Smug About A Killer Deal

Scotiabank has two debit cards that reward you every day. So if you like a deal, go get 'em, killer!

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1. When someone asks, "How much was that?"

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And your response is basically, "idk, two dollars?"

2. When them deals are so sweet:

Leslie Rodriguez / BuzzFeed / Via

3. When you get overwhelmed by a cooking oil sale and need a moment:

Glow Images, Inc / Getty Images / Via

4. When the gang finally gets back together:

Thinkstock / YiuCheung

5. When you know your bed can't fit more throw pillows, but you drive by a throw pillow closeout sale:

Creatas / Thinkstock

6. When you come across a discount on something random, like tiny rainbow feathers:

Tinou Bao / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr: tinou


7. When you stock up because something you were gonna get was suddenly on sale:

8. When you see 40% off and aren't dreaming:

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury / Getty Images / Via

9. When you trample friends for discounts:

Dr Les (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: 22325431@N05

10. When you're propelled by one thing, and that thing is coupons:


11. When someone actually brags about paying full price:

And you congratulate them for being the pawn that they are!
Ben Cahn / BuzzFeed

And you congratulate them for being the pawn that they are!

Scotiabank rewards you for your everyday purchases with points toward free movies and more with the SCENEĀ®* debit card and cash back with the Momentum debit card.