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Weekly Family Wall Calendar

So you can finally remember whose turn it is to do the dishes!

What You Need:

Contact paper

Paper (printer paper or construction paper works fine)

5 File Folders

Permanent Marker

3M Scotch® Magic™ Tape


3M Post-Its

Cork Board Bars (optional)


1. Measure a 20 inch x 40 inch piece of contact paper and attach to your wall.

2. Mark measurements for your lines and draw them onto the contact paper using permanent marker. (Our cheat sheet is below under “Graphics Instructions.” First horizontal line is at 2.5 inches down from the top, the next 4 lines are 3.5 inches apart from one another. First vertical line is 5 inches from the left. The next 7 are 3.5 inches apart from one another.)

3. Write paper labels for days of the week, members of the family, and your “Family Goals” or “To Do” section.

4. Attach these labels to the calendar.

5. Lay file folders out in a line so that all together the group is 20 inches long. Use 3M Scotch® Magic™ Tape along the sides of the folders to tape the sides closed, also taping the folders together.

6. Attach these to the wall using thumbtacks.

7. Attach the cork board bars along the base of the folders and calendar using mounting tape or tiles.

8. Use 3M Post-Its to keep track of special events, weekly activities, chore reminders, and more.

9. Have fun!