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13 Simple Solutions For Every Holiday Headache

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year — but a lot can also go wrong. Luckily, there are some quick fixes! And you can always turn to Scotch® Transparent Tape for mending or fixing all the little mishaps that might come your way.

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1. Headache: Gift wrap that unrolls and tears.

Courtesy of Rena at The Cheese Thief / Via

Solution: Cut old toilet paper rolls lengthwise, and use them to hold the paper in place. If you're really feeling crafty, you can even decorate the rolls with washi tape, as seen on The Cheese Thief!

2. Headache: You have no idea how to secure string lights to your brick home.

Courtesy of My Six Ring Circus / Via

Solution: Use a hot glue gun to hold the lights in place. When you're ready to remove the lights, the glue will peel right off the brick — seriously! Find out more at My Six Ring Circus.

3. Headache: You're having trouble getting lights to stay on your gutter.


Solution: Binder clips can hold lights onto gutters or your shingles without doing any permanent damage. Get more tips about how it's done and other ways to hang lights.

4. Headache: The kids make a giant mess while decorating cookies.

Solution: Stop the mess before it starts! Use clear squeeze bottles or old condiment bottles for the icing. Bottles are way neater than icing bags or using a knife. Get more mess-free cookie decorating tips at A Small Snippet.

7. Headache: You're having guests but your home doesn't smell great.

Courtesy of Hello Natural / Via

Solution: Make a quick simmer pot to make your whole home smell fresh and festive. Get three recipes for holiday-scented simmer pots at Hello Natural.

8. Headache: Your Christmas tree has a lot of unattractive sparse spots.


Solution: Fill in sparse spots in your tree by wrapping a green faux-pine garland through the inner branches. Instant fullness!

9. Headache: You need to put together an unexpected gift — fast.

Courtesy of Blooming Homestead / Via

Solution: Give a cookie decorating kit! You probably have everything you need to put this together, and you'll save time by not decorating the cookies yourself. And you'll be giving an experience — not just a treat. Find out more, and get the printable card at Blooming Homestead.

11. Headache: Your string lights always get tangled when you're packing them away.

Courtesy of Make It Blissful / Via

Solution: Use pieces of cardboard to neatly wrap up your lights for next year. See how it's done, and get more tips for holiday decoration clean up at Make It Blissful.

13. Headache: You need a way to store bigger or odd-shaped ornaments.

Solution: Make a DIY storage container with a glue gun, some cardboard, and disposable cups. Get the instructions at One Good Thing.