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Need An Extra Hand Around The Home? Or Help With A Repair? Look No Further Than Scotch Brand Tape

Old school or new school. One-handed or two. Scotch Magic Tape is always there for you.

We all know Scotch Magic Tape and that plaid tartan pattern in the clear plastic dispenser. Now it’s time to meet two new products sure to set your desk up for success in the new year!

Model's hands holding Scotch Magic Tape dispenser and pulling off a piece of clear tape

First up is the new Scotch Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser that basically lends you an extra helping hand at your desk (or wherever you place it around the home).

Black tape dispenser on a desk next to a green package of Scotch Magic Tape

The best part of the Scotch Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser? You can attach it to so many places in so many directions.

Black tape dispenser attached to closet shelf

Next up is the Scotch Super-Hold Tape to make sure those things that need a little extra hold get stuck (and stuck well).

Red plaid Scotch Magic Tape dispenser on top of desk

Then there are those more heavy-duty repairs that need to hold tight but still should look, you know, good. Like they didn't need a repair in the first place (think the broken battery cover on a remote control).

Red plaid Scotch tape dispenser next to three black remote controls

No matter what projects this new year throws at you (and there will be many) these trusty Scotch Brand Tape additions to your home project arsenal will make your life that much easier (or at least somewhat less frustrating and more manageable).

Children's artwork taped to a refrigerator door using Scotch Magic Tape

Get the new Scotch Clip & Twist Tape Dispenser and the Scotch Super-Hold Tape now.