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Paper Towel Roll Holiday Tree

Make your Christmas countdown a little more fun!


Scotch™ Magic Tape

13 paper towel rolls or 27 toilet paper rolls

White spray paint

Brown spray paint


Optional: Paper and tea lights


1. Save your paper towels starting now! Cut them in half

2. Spray paint 25 of the rolls white. Let dry.

3. Spray paint 2 of the rolls brown. Let dry.

4. Using Scotch™ Magic Tape, tape the 2 brown rolls together. Set aside.

5. Using Scotch™ Magic Tape, tape 6 white rolls together.

6. For added support, you can add extra tape across the top of the rolls.

7. On top of the row of 6 rolls, tape 5 rolls together.

8. On top of the row of 5 rolls, tape 4 rolls together.

9. On top of the row of 4 rolls, tape another 4 rolls together.

10. On top of the second row of 4 rolls, tape 3 rolls together.

11. On top of the row of 3 rolls, tape 2 rolls together.

12. Place the last row on the top of the 2 rolls.

13. Place the white rolls on top of the brown rolls.

14. Optional: Trace the circle of a tea light onto paper.

15. Cut out the circles.

16. Write the numbers 1–24 on the circles.

17. Tape the circles to the back of each tea light.

18. Place the tea lights into the tree.

19. Put the tree display against a wall so that the side with the tape is against the wall.

Enjoy the calendar during the holidays by moving a mini-clip along each day. This is a fun activity to do with kids!