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11 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Home Holiday-Ready

Having a festive home doesn't mean cleaning out your bank account. Scotch™ Brand is your go-to resource for making your DIY holiday dreams happen.

1. Make tiny holiday scenes.

2. Create unique holiday art.

3. Make a killer table-scape.

4. Light up your decor with this simple star.

5. Craft a festive sign.

6. Hang a wreath that is both modern and traditional.

7. Create a holiday-themed dish towel for the kitchen.

8. Make font garland that looks great anywhere.

9. Make tiny trees that don't don't need upkeep.

10. Count down the days until Christmas with this sparkly banner.

11. Make metallic ornaments for your tree or as gifts.

Be resourceful this holiday season and take your gift wrapping to the next level with help from the Scotch™ Brand.

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