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14 Small Moments That Should Be Their Own Holidays

These are the little things in life worth celebrating. And when it's really time to party, make sure you keep it fresh with Scope at Walmart, especially this August 6th for National Fresh Breath Day.

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1. That morning when you think you've overslept for work, but realize it's a Saturday.

2. The day when your fresh breath gives you the confidence to just go for it.

3. That night when you totally owned the office dance party.

4. When it's your first day on the job and you totally nail it.

5. The day your little baby takes his very first steps.

6. That time when you were totally in the zone and beat the high score.

7. That day you you showed up 30 minutes late to work, and your boss arrived 31 minutes late.

8. Whenever you totally nail that parking job on the first time.

9. The moment you finally did your first push up.

10. That day when you finally mastered the secret art of walking in high heels.

11. Whenever you finish your chores early and have the rest of the day to lounge about.

12. That time you visited your friend's house and made a friend for life.

13. That time when you compared how fresh your breath was and made a new friend.

14. That night when you totally destroyed everyone in a pickup game of HORSE.