Photos That Give You A Fresh Perspective On Life

It’s good to look at things in a new way. Keep it fresh, like with Scope at Walmart, especially on August 6th for National Fresh Breath Day. Ahhhh.

Kenzie Saunders / Via Flickr: aloli

This is not a very small, thirsty person.

Rex / Rex USA

This is not a dog delivering newspapers.

Kenzie Saunders / Via Flickr: aloli

This woman should freshen her breath with Scope. She has a tree growing out of her mouth!

This building is not behind this house.

beckstei / Via Flickr: beckstei

This is not a giant horse.

Jordanlinnhale / Via Flickr: jordan_hale

This woman is not holding this tree.

Wolfgang Bluhm / Solent News / Rex

This squirrel is not a rabbit.

Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones / Via Flickr: info_grrl

This man is not falling into a cone.

clickclickclick / Via Flickr: clickclickclickclick

This guy’s breath is so fresh, it turned into a rainbow.

Wellison / Via Flickr: whelleson

This is not a tiny kid in a tire.

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