The Most Courageous Moves To Use On The Dance Floor

The world is your stage, and life is a dance floor! So don’t be afraid to grab your friends, and bust a move at any given chance the spirit comes to you. And if you need some extra bravery, use Scope to get your social courage going!

1. If you’re still feeling a little shy, let’s start out with the basics. The Running Man.

It’s great at birthday parties.

2. And if you get a little more ambitious, you can try the Carlton.

Make sure your crush is watching.

3. And try it in twos.

Your best friend will love it.

4. Now let’s rock side to side.

Nothing’s braver than dancing on national TV.

5. Good. Now work your knees into the dance.

Even your granny appreciates this move.

6. Yes, good. Keep going!

Don’t forget to wink at the cute boy across the dance floor.

7. Don’t be afraid to bust out the latest dance craze, no matter what you’re wearing.

The large crowds of conventions are prime locations for flash dance mobs.

8. And never underestimate the power of a good synchronized number.

You and your bestie have got it down.

9. Woohoo! Let’s take a water break before we get back to the groove.

And maybe talk to some strangers getting some punch?

10. Alright. We’re back! Let’s get it on.

Grab your partner, do-si-do!

11. Let’s get sassy!

Pretend you are Beyonce performing on stage in front of a huge crowd.

12. Work that groove thang!

Like you don’t care if anyone is looking.

13. Don’t forget to add some soul.

Yeah, you’ve got it.

14. And you wouldn’t be a couragous person on the dance floor if you didn’t shake a little booty.

Celebratory dances are a must.

15. Never be ashamed.

People will probably join in.

16. Be fierce!

Work the camera.

17. Be you!

Because your friends will always have your back.

18. And most of all… have fun! You courageous dancer, you!

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