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24 Courageous Sport Fans You Wish You Could Be

When it's game time, it's go time. It's no time to be shy or afraid of the spotlight. When you're cheering in the stands, let your social courage shine! Freshen up with Scope, and cheer on with your pals. Go team!

1. If the camera is on you, wave your flag!

2. Let all your friends know what team you represent.

3. And if you wanna go there... go there!

4. To really stand out, slap on some body paint.

5. Don't forget props.

6. And wigs.

7. Paint your face if you're really excited.

8. But are you excited as this guy?

9. No? But you know how to have a good time.

10. And even if you don't have the right facial hair, you can join right in.

11. There's no shame in playing the part.

12. If you really want to stand out, bring a sign.

13. The bigger, the better.

14. Sports events are way more fun with your friends.

15. They're your moral support when you're in a tiger costume.

16. They can compliment any of your endeavors.

17. You can't have a Mario without a Luigi.

18. Am I right?

19. So right.

20. So when you're at the game, let your true colors show!

21. Let your flag wave high!

22. Yeah, man. You got it.

23. And that's how to be socially courageous.

24. Go team!