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11 Movies That Gave You The Courage To Be Yourself

Sometimes, when you're feeling down, all you need is a good movie to pick you up. Let these films and Scope help get you out of your shell - all it takes is a little courage!

1. Little Miss Sunshine

Big Beach Films / Via

We've all seen the glitzy world of kid's pageants, right? It's crazy town. Nuts pants. Well, Olive wasn't into it. Along with her supportive and dysfunctional family, she made it all the way to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant, and owned it - glitz-free. You can do that too, you know. Live courageously and glitz-free.

2. Mean Girls

SNL Studios / Via

Cady grew up in Africa hanging out with wild animals, so entering an American high school was a bit of a shock. No matter! All she had to do was get a makeover, isolate some true friends, and throw up on the hottest guy in school to realize that she felt at home with the Mathletes. Do what you love, and ignore the haters.

3. Brave

Pixar / Via

Merida's life was planned out for her - she would be a submissive princess and marry into a neighboring clan for political reasons. She was all - NOPE! Gonna explore this forest with my horse and build my archery skill set, byeeeee. So who cares what people want you to be? They don't matter none.

4. Napoleon Dynamite

MTV Films / Via

Nobody paid much attention to Napoleon at school. That is, until he melted faces with his incredible dance moves. One thing's for sure, that dude loves to dance. And dance, he did. So what's your great passion?

5. Pretty in Pink

Paramount Pictures / Via

Being from the "wrong side of the tracks" didn't stop Andie from pursuing the guy she liked and going to the prom by herself. So what's stopping you? Fear? Pffshh.

6. Ratatouille

Pixar / Via

Rats aren't generally welcome in kitchens. But what if you're a rat who has a natural talent for the culinary arts? Like Remy? Against all odds, he did what it took to make his dreams of becoming a reputable chef come true. And he's tiny! He's just a little rat! What! The sky's the limit!

7. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Romy and Michelle hadn't achieved everything they wanted before their 10 year high school reunion. But after a few lies about inventing post its and a bit of soul searching, they figured out that they were fine the way they were. And that dance sequence at the end was a bonus. Are you courageous enough to pull that off?

8. Rudy

TriStar Pictures / Via

They told him he was too small to play college football at Notre Dame, but he wasn't hearing any of that. Against all odds and criticism, Rudy accomplished what he set out to do. Admit it - you teared up during that final scene.

9. Wreck it Ralph

Walk Disney Animation Studios / Via

Ralph was a bad guy in his video game, but in his heart, he was a hero. So what did he do? He won a medal, befriended a sassy go kart racer, and BECAME A HERO. So don't hold back! Be what you wanna be!

10. The Truman Show

Scott Rudin Productions / Via

Do you ever get that weird feeling that someone's watching you? Well, that was Truman's whole life. He was a walking, talking reality show, and he wasn't in on it. When he finally figured it out, he walked away from the perfect life set up for him - into the unknown! That's some serious courage, there.

11. Wall-E

Pixar / Via

So you're the last robot on earth. Is that going to stop you from being yourself? Nope. Wall-E brought his love of all things show tunes and knick knacks all the way to space, bringing misguided humans back down to earth. Oh and he fell in robot-love! Take a stand, and you too may someday fall in robot-love.