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Meal From Home

Who says you can't cook from home? I made a healthy, yet delicious meal you can eat whenever! I bought some Salmon Fillets and Salad that can last for a couple meals. I spent on total about $20 and still have enough left over.

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Salmon & Salad

Like my last post about Jamba Juice I made a healthy and easy lunch I'm going to share with you guys.

All you will need is some salad and dressing-- personally I used Balsamic Vinaigrette, because it's my favorite.

Also, you will need a piece of fish, I used Salmon but you could do Tilapia or Cod or anything you like. Season it how you'd like. I used Wild Caught Salmon and seasoned it with Lemon Pepper seasoning.

I heated a pan up and put it on for about 3 minutes each side. You can put it in the oven, which is what I want to try next. Just make sure the middle is opaque.

After that just plate it and serve. (I love lemon so I squeezed some on top of my fish).

Bon appetite delicious, easy, healthy lunch!!


I really enjoyed this. I would love to try it in the oven and see if I like it more or just the same. I'm trying to figure out ways to cook the salmon so that it tasted like my favorite dish from the cheesecake factory. (Miso Salmon) However, the ingredient list sounded to difficult so I gave up!

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