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Bar Louie

Bar Louie has to be by far my favorite bar so far. They have an abundence of seating both inside and outside. My goal for each bar outing is to spend no more than $30 and so far i've been accomplishing that goal.

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What I ordered

I love nothing more than a good appitizer and these potstickers were super tasty. Do you love mango? or margaritas? Try the mango margarita they have it was out of this world. Don't like mango? no problem they have strawberry, watermelon, and many more.

The atosphere at this place was great. The place is very big and spacious for when they get crowded. And the bar? big enough to sit an army, literally.

Some great specials they have!

Do you love going out but hate the prices? Take advantage of specials! This bar's specials are awesome. As i've stated before I LOVE apps so having them half priced mon--fri from 4-7 is a bargain. I got full on just the potstickers!

Love drinks?

Afriad to go out of your comfort zone? When it comes to drinks, I am! This bar has a wide variety of drinks i've never heard of but would love to try. I usually stick to margaritas because I love anything sweet. Would love to try the sangrias! I guess I will next time.

APPreciate the food.

Do you see that app menu? Such a wide variety of food you can see why I LOVE this place. Jordan was my waitress and did a fanominal job. I told her I was new and she told me to come back on days they had specials! I told her I would bring all of my friends and be back for sure.



This place is overall a great bar in my opinion and I can't wait to go back. Ask for Jordan she was very helpful for it being my first time. In total I spent $23, and you MUST order the potstickers and comment if you enjoyed them or not.

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