17 Everyday Annoyances That Try To Knock Out Your Good Day

Some things are just THE WORST. You can’t always stop them, but you can meet them with a car that packs a punch: the New 2014 Scion tC.

1. Reaching for your alarm clock and having this happen:

2. And finally making it to the mirror and seeing this:

3. Spending so much time in traffic that walking actually seems faster:

Daquella manera / Via Flickr: daquellamanera

4. Moving through a crowd of people and one person has the brilliant idea to stop walking:

micaelarose / Via instagram.com

5. Navigating around someone carrying the world’s largest umbrella:

miss_pea / Via instagram.com

6. Stepping in puddle that you think will be no big deal:

7. Watching someone close the elevator right as you get near it:

bogenfreund / Via Flickr: bettyx1138

8. Realizing that a glass door is a glass door a little too late:

9. Paper deciding to get revenge on your hand:

tiggasaurus / Via instagram.com

10. Wanting to have a text conversation with a friend, but they’re clearly not paying attention:

11. Fishing for sympathy from another friend, only to find that they’re having an equally bad day:

12. Working really hard to make something for the Internet… but then no one cares:

13. Or technology gives up on you:

14. Including your headphones:

_xoxoscore_ / Via instagram.com


njaminjami / Via Flickr: landii

16. Making it home without keys. So close and yet so far:

sir_franklin_meowington / Via instagram.com

17. So—finally!—you can end the day by sleeping, but for no reason it’s the most impossible thing ever:

Inspired by the New 2014 Scion tC:

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