14 Workplace Crimes That Make Us Want To Drive Off Into The Sunset

Sometimes the little annoyances of the 9 to 5 make you wanna just get away. There’s no better way to go the distance than by driving something that really packs a punch, like the New 2014 Scion tC.

1. When someone disrespects the coffee.

genderqueerkid / Via instagram.com

The most important rule: if you kill the jo, you gotta make some mo.

2. Sitting next to someone who found the squeakiest object ever and made it into a chair.

Weldon Kennedy / Via Flickr: 99123936@N00

Double annoyance points if it’s ever used for mid-afternoon crunches.

3. Hearing a neighbor's jams whether you like it or not:

rramos05 / Via instagram.com

There are many ways of sharing your music; this is not the best way.


Rob Marquardt / Via Flickr: sometoast

Every conversation doesn’t have to feel like it’s at an eleven, right?

5. When you witness the free food getting ruined.

maleemoua / Via instagram.com

The. Absolute. Worst. Thing. To. Do. Ever.

6. Or when your lunch is stolen.

ymakris11 / Via instagram.com

The sticky note is a sacred bond between human and food.

7. Sharing a space with someone who overcommits to a desk theme.

Joshua Smith / Via Flickr: jdsmith1021

Massive shrines are great, but consider erecting them where they can’t topple over on your coworkers.

8. Always hearing about how bad the job is from someone who does the same job as you.

Kate Haskell / Via Flickr: fuzzcat

And all you can think is, “I know. I know. I was there.”

9. Receiving unnecessary e-mails that only say "thx"

sadshop / Via etsy.com

Not everything has to be sent to everyone ALL the time.

10. When you have to interact with someone who should have just taken a sick day.

chef_canio / Via instagram.com

Dedication is contagious! …but so is the flu.

11. Having more work than a human can handle:

didadipe / Via instagram.com

Last time you checked, you weren’t a small army of super-people.

12. Someone taking a phone call from the bathroom.

bmxking454 / Via instagram.com

If someone calls while nature is calling, let it go to voicemail.

13. When corporate culture smacks you in the face.

infinitelmao / Via instagram.com

“Always be ready for anything” should not apply to flying projectiles.

14. When you let someone borrow your supplies, and they're returned damaged.

Erich Ferdinand / Via Flickr: erix

Maybe you did lend out your pen with all these teeth marks. But probably not.

Inspired by the New 2014 Scion tC:

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