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    15 Gorgeous Accessories To Wear For The Solar Eclipse

    It's the eclipse of a lifetime. Get your science bling game on!

    1. Solar Eclipse Necklace

    Boutique Academia / Via

    Pure eclipse beauty with an antiqued "moon" disc eclipsing a brass "sun". Grab it for $29.99 here.

    2. Eclipse Tote Bag

    SPRITZdesign / Via

    Go bold. Available for $20 here.

    3. Vertical Eclipse Phases Necklace

    SoulPeaces / Via

    There's no occulting the effortless style of this vertical eclipse necklace. Pick it up for $129 here.

    4. Eclipse Tank Dress

    ReverieNewYork / Via

    Putting the sun in sundress. Get it for $195 here.

    5. Eclipse Statement Earrings

    tomlindesign / Via

    The statement? Eclipses are epic and science is awesome. Available for $70 here.

    6. Hand Painted Eclipse Vans Shoes

    ThirdPlanetStudio / Via

    Hand painted eclipse shoes?! What a time to be alive. Get it for $89 here.

    7. Eclipse Phases Necklace

    sunsarajewellery / Via

    Totality has never been more striking. Get it for $61.10 here.

    8. Solar Eclipse Earrings

    TenRiversJewelry / Via

    Who could say no to these darling little sunbursts? gET THEM FOR $35 here.

    9. Glow-in-the-Dark Eclipse Dress

    Svaha / Via

    It glows. It has POCKETS. It's also available in adult sizes. Starting at $29.99 here.

    10. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Scarf

    Cyberoptix / Via

    From perigee to apogee, you can pick both the fabric and ink color, starting at $44 here.

    11. Solar Spectrum Necklace

    Boutique Academia / Via

    Who will still have sunlight in a locket even in the shadow of the moon? You will. Available FOR $39.99 here.

    12. Eclipse Headband

    ImagineAvalon / Via

    Perfect for camping in the path of totality the night before the eclipse. Available for $20.35 here.

    13. Bleached Eclipse Tote

    Michelebuttons / Via

    Just take a look at that corona! Get it for $22 here.

    14. Great American Eclipse Bracelet

    IsabelJewelry / Via

    It even has the name of every state in the path of totality on the interior of the bracelet. This is the definition of heirloom souvenir. Get it for $295 here.

    15. Stacking Eclipse Rings

    GaiasCandy / Via

    If you go ahead and get yourself a set of stacking rings to celebrate, it seems legit. Get it for $49.99 here.

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