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13 Best Science "Ms. Frizzle" Costume Accessories

Ms Frizzle manipulates space and time while laughing in the face of danger... and her science wardrobe is ON POINT. We'll help you channel The Friz for Halloween this year.

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Constellation Dress

Hot Topic / Via

You'll need a dress themed with your favorite STEM topic. Hot Topic actually has some surprisingly cool science chic designs that could work. This glow-in-the-dark constellation dress (with pockets!!) is available here for $35.92.

Atomic Science Necklace

Boutique Academia / Via

You'll want to add some flare to push the costume from "Hah, cool" to "LOL! AWESOME!" Try this carbon atom necklace to really accentuate your science-ness. Plus, it'll be beautifully wearable year round. $19.99 here.

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