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A California man who contributes to the popular national radio program Coast to Coast AM with GEORGE NOORY is calling for all citizens to have their scalps fitted with microchips.

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PHIL HILL --better known as UFO PHIL --says the scannable microchips will contain vital record information including users' social security numbers, medical data, and political leanings. Hill promises the main purpose of the microchip is to end identity theft because the old practice of carrying around social security cards, credit cards, and voter registration cards is "complicated, antiquated, and outdated ". He says it's also dangerous.Another benefit to the plan, according to Hill, will be the ability to make the confidential information easily accessible to third parties when the user becomes incapacitated.Hill says his plan is being reviewed by government agencies for final approval, though officials are "mildly hesitant" about the source of the microchips. He explains, "Aliens gave me the microchip technology when they abducted me."Hill claims he already has a chip implanted in his own brain and it's working just fine.Although the microchip design was outsourced to extraterrestrials, Hill promises manufacturing is being done right here on Earth. Chips are being assembled at an overseas facility and will be ready for the first human test subjects in June. US citizens could be lining up en masse to receive scalp implants as early as 2015.Hill has long been outspoken about the dangers of identity theft. In 2013, he won a restraining order against a former employee after the latter claimed publicly to be UFO Phil, causing confusion among fans.

UFO Phil Warns Against Identity Theft

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UFO Phil has long warned of the dangers of identity theft

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