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13 Delicious Festive Dishes You Can Make With Your Christmas Leftovers

It's time to remix your Christmas dinner!

1. Use your leftover Christmas cake to make a scrumptious trifle.

2. A hearty, warming chilli is the perfect way to repurpose your remaining turkey.

3. A vegetable curry is an ingenious solution for using up those Christmas Day veggies.

4. Got lots left over from your Christmas cheeseboard? Why not use it to make a yummy macaroni cheese.

5. Turn your Christmas biscuits and Christmas pudding into a mouthwatering rocky road.

6. Brussels sprouts baked eggs will make a delicious Boxing Day breakfast.

7. Or why not try making this breakfast hash using your leftover roasties?

8. This Thai-spiced turkey soup is the perfect pick-me-up for when real winter kicks in!

9. This ginger-spiced, no-bake cheesecake is another scrumptious way to transform your Christmas pudding leftovers.

10. Turkey biriyani is quick to make and packed full of delicious flavours.

11. Or for a real crowd-pleaser: sweet and spicy turkey enchiladas!

12. Another way to use up those unwanted sprouts: Put them in this yummy seasonal pasta!

13. This deceptively easy-to-make Baked Alaska will use up your leftover Christmas cake in a flash.

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