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9 Ways To Re-Create Your Favourite Takeaway Dishes At Home

All the tastiness with none of the guilt!

1. Hankering for some Chinese food? This 5 spice prawn stir fry will satisfy your needs!

2. These super-satisfying chicken quesadillas are perfect for lunch.

3. These spicy chicken nuggets will really hit the spot.

4. Don't bother ordering in. Cook this fiery Balti chicken instead.

5. Get those taste buds tingling with some spicy Jamaican jerk chicken.

6. Want something fast that doesn't compromise on taste? This vegetable chow mein will hit the spot!

7. How about some sticky Chinese-style spare ribs?

8. This flavourful saag aloo will be sure to rival even the best Indian takeaways — and it's vegan too!

9. And finally, this vegetable dhal is perfect for a Friday night in front of the TV.

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