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Ken Dolls Explain Things To Me

Just pictures of those new Ken dolls quoted with actual things actual men have said to me.

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Downtown Marketing Job Ken


"I like to foot the bill on a first date. I just want to know that if I want to go to a steakhouse downtown we can do that, and that way I don't feel bad about ordering whatever steak I want and my date can feel free to order whatever salad she wants."

Film Student Ken


"I wrote this pretty emotional script about a woman who loses her daughter. It's some of my best work and I would love if you read it. Also, this might seem totally inappropriate, but I think you're super hot haha."

Rejected Ken


"I can't imagine why you haven't replied to any of my texts, but it better be something bad like your dad died. But if not then you should know you're a bitch, and if your dad actually died then I'm sorry."

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