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    27 Marvelous Reasons To Appreciate Life Right Now

    SOS! School of Shine is a worldwide wake up call for the women of the world who want to laugh, love, and learn their way to a happier, healthier life. See the list below and tell us what do you want to add to the list? Visit us to learn more!

    1. Hot Tea

    2. Feminism

    3. Stretchy Skinny Jeans

    4. Kindness is kindling

    5. #GIRLBOSS

    6. Flash Mobs

    7. "Connection"

    8. We got the powaaa!

    9. Photoshop is being photo-stopped

    10. Instant Wisdom

    11. Mindfulness is becoming mainstream

    12. Growing up with a 'real' childhood

    13. Passion is cool

    14. Bronzer

    15. Weird Science

    16. Cat videos have not taken over the world

    17. Family Matters

    18. Menners

    19. Old people

    20. Best Friends Forever

    21. Wine

    22. Sunshine

    23. Bodies of water

    24. Your Health

    25. Silliness

    26. Silence

    27. You