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    27 Marvelous Reasons To Appreciate Life Right Now

    SOS! School of Shine is a worldwide wake up call for the women of the world who want to laugh, love, and learn their way to a happier, healthier life. See the list below and tell us what do you want to add to the list? Visit us to learn more!

    1. Hot Tea


    What do tea and teddy bears have in common? Both offer the same sense of warmth, comfort, and coziness when most needed. Unfortunately, the acceptance of cupping a warm teddy bear has faded over the years, but luckily tea wins anyway! (You can't dip cookies into teddy bears.)

    2. Feminism

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    We might be shorter than men on average, but gone are the days when women will be looked down to. Whether you like the word or not, feminism is a thing now, and it's not going anywhere. At least not until men and women are treated as equals, and have the same rights to prove it.

    Calling all women and men who believe in R-E-S-P-E-C-T for each other - NOW is the time to stand up for our next generation of daughters, and make this world a brighter place for them to live with pride.

    3. Stretchy Skinny Jeans


    Upon first discovery, women from coast to coast simultaneously let out a sigh of relief. This game changer took our relationship with denim from displeasure to desire. Thank you stretchy denim - for being there to fit no matter what our ass to leg to hip proportion is, and also for giving us extra wiggle room after a Thanksgiving feast, or a midnight snack...

    4. Kindness is kindling

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    Can you feel it? People all over the globe have always done nice things for others, but our age of internet allows us to share the love & goodness. Instead of seeing the bad, we can focus on the good, and be inspired by others to pass the shine on.

    Have you done your good deed for the day? #kindnessinspireskindness

    5. #GIRLBOSS

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    There are more successful women-owned businesses to date than ever before. WHO RUN THE WORLD?

    6. Flash Mobs

    Nothing makes us happier than knowing large groups of humans gather together to plan strategic surprise dance parties. As long as mobs gather to flash, we will always have something to be thankful for.

    7. "Connection"

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    We can speak to anyone from anywhere at anytime...thanks internet! Thanks Whatsapp, Viber, Gchat, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, and the rest of your brothers. While the act of connection has gotten stronger, the art of connection can still use some work. Let's make the most of this broad band of brothers, and make sure we are using our connections to genuinely connect.

    8. We got the powaaa!

    The worldwide web has done it again! We can reach people and share stories, videos, photos; anything we can fit into one tiny URL. The power lies in your hands as to what you choose to give attention to. Our recommendation? Stop glorifying idiots and start paying attention to the everyday heroes that makes the world a better place.

    9. Photoshop is being photo-stopped


    It's empowering to see women of all shapes and sizes embracing their bodies, and stepping confidently into the media spotlight to prove a positive point - that the magazine models we've seen growing up don't exist in real life and are instead what society has decided to label as perfect. Good thing we know perfect doesn't actually exist...

    10. Instant Wisdom

    The art of pondering is completely gone thanks to the big G. No guesses, no debates, just Google it. In fact, G is so money, that whatever we ponder has about 711,000,000 results in (0.28 seconds). Score! Though as mentioned, we know there are some things Google can't find...

    11. Mindfulness is becoming mainstream

    YES! One of the keys to clarity and happiness, not only for hippies and spirit junkies. Everyone can use some time to refocus and reflect on their life.

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    12. Growing up with a 'real' childhood


    When imagination was required to play and the only type of swiping we did was trying to get more cookies from the cookie jar.

    13. Passion is cool


    These days, individuals feel empowered to follow their passions and live a lifestyle run by their own rules. Inspiring and encouraging, yes! Setting goals and taking baby steps to accomplish them is the key to getting your big idea off the ground. So...what do you want to be when you grow up?

    14. Bronzer


    Because even when we don't feel like wearing any other form of makeup, MAC's Dark Delight bronzer will always be enough to make us feel golden.

    15. Weird Science


    Actually more like happy science. The Greater Good Science Center in Cali has dedicated over 10 years to studying the science of happiness. This means there are definitive ways you can program your brain to think happy, henceforth feel happy, hitherto BE happy.

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    16. Cat videos have not taken over the world

    YET. They will soon. We may all be jinxed meow.

    17. Family Matters


    Whether related by blood or not, this is the time of year where family gets together to eat, drink, laugh, sing, love, stress, spend too much money, volunteer, celebrate, and did we say eat?

    There is something special about the holiday spirit, and we wish you a year of less stress and spending, and more good hearts and giving.

    18. Menners


    (That's men with manners.)

    Courtship has come and gone and gentlemen are a dying breed. One thing is for certain though! There are still men who know what really matters – who treat people with respect, kindness, and have genuine hearts; who see past the wolves of Wall Street and appreciate more than money, women, and toys. Let's raise more of those ones, okay?

    19. Old people

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    Each wrinkle filled with wisdom, our older generations carry the glory of being much wiser than us. They may not know how to use Twitter or Instagram, but when it comes to things that actually matter, like family, relationships, and love, we recommend not only listening, but asking as many questions you can.

    20. Best Friends Forever


    No matter how much time has passed or how far away she lives, deep down in our hearts, and thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, we've recognized that best friends really are our soul mates.

    21. Wine


    BFF #2

    22. Sunshine

    Via giphy

    Dear Sunshine, You make hearts happy. Thank you for always warming us up; for having beautiful rises and more stunning sets. Thanks for giving us Vitamin D, and for always brightening our day. As always, we'll see you tomorrow, sunshine. Love you, Everyone Ever

    23. Bodies of water

    Via giphy

    Oh salty sweetness! Nothing illuminates 'the bigger picture' like when your view is of the ocean or sea. The vastness and power of an endless abyss of water makes it clear just how small we are, and just how much of the world needs exploring. Not to mention, the ocean waves tend to send a soothing calmness over you. Ehm, also we've been staring at this gif for the past 7 minutes. Sighhh.

    24. Your Health


    Hands down the most important thing about you is your health.You must take care of yourself and keep yourself strong and well! Your body is your foundation to happiness, and we don't mean the shape or size of it. We mean the strength and wellness within you. Live a lifestyle that's good for your body, brain, and bones.

    25. Silliness


    Because being silly is the secret spice of life. If you can't laugh at yourself, then other people are definitely going to laugh at you. Not that that matters either.

    26. Silence

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    In a world filled with the incessant need for more and more, it's difficult to let ourselves truly shut down. We owe it to ourselves to take the time to let our brains breathe, unplug from technology and the world, and just be with ourselves. Whether it's a stroll along the beach, a coffee on the porch, or just an hour staring at the ceiling in bed (with no phone), silence deserves to be wholeheartedly appreciated.

    27. You


    Because the secret to a happy life starts with you, and loving yourself first. Are you your own worst enemy? Do you value and respect yourself enough? Think about all you've accomplished at this point in your life and be proud! Believe in yourself, smile, and lift yourself up. You deserve it you beautiful creature - and that's inside AND out.

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