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23 Thoughts Every High School Student Has on a College Visit

You know you’re not alone in this agony of wondering “Is THIS the place for me!?”

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1. As you enter the campus, your brain goes “Woah… This is it.”

2. You’re so excited you don’t even feel like you’re walking on ground

3. You see students everywhere and you just want to peek into their brains and see what they think this place is all about

4. You’re dying to meet your tour guide

5. When your tour guide comes out, you’re just in awe.

6. They STUDY here. They KNOW what going here is like

7. They seem super nice and friendly. Is everyone this nice and friendly?

8. The tour guide starts talking and information just starts pouring into your brain

9. OMG it’s a lot of information

10. You’re taking frantic mental notes because there’s just so much to remember

11. Your tour guide is bouncing along and how the HELL do they remember all that stuff???

12. They mention something about the thing you were interested in and your brain goes DING

13. And suddenly you remember all the questions you had

14. So you start asking all the questions

15. Your tour guide is able to answer ALL of them and you’re amazed

16. When you’re finally done and everything is answered, you feel like you’ve got a solid picture of the stuff you needed to know

17. As the tour concludes, you’re super excited about everything you’ve learned

18. Now the big question remains… Can you see yourself living there?

19. As you thank your tour guide and split ways with them, your brain is churning through all that information

20. You stand there on campus and look around at all the people running around

21. You still have a few more things you want to check out, but…

22. There’s something about this place…

23. You could totally see yourself going to this college.

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