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21 Painfully True Reasons You Should Visit Colleges

Try not to ugly cry as you relate

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21. You’re totally stumped for which ones you really want to go to

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You have a billion colleges on your list and you don't know how to choose between them can somebODY PLEASE HELP!?

20. You’re terrified you’ll hate everything there

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What if you walk onto campus on your first day and you just... hate.... everything? What then!? You won't know if you don't go!

19. You have NO IDEA which college will make you happy


They all sound so nice, but which one is the one where your heart resides?

18. So right now you’re just making stabs in the dark and that makes you really uncomfortable

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17. You have no idea if the fear of having to toss your closet is real… Or overly imaginative

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Seriously, what IS the weather like there? Will your clothes be too cold? Or too hot? Or too weird?? Or what!?

16. Will you love the new area or hate it with the burning passion of a million suns?

Does it smell nice? Does it feel nice? Is the atmosphere lovely? Or is it the most wretched place you've ever been in your life?

15. You’re desperate to know what a college lecture will look like

Will they be boring? Or will you love it? How different is it from high school?? If you can just sit in on one then you'll know. Once and for all.

14. You’re desperate to know what a college professor will look like

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Are they even normal people?? What happens if you talk to one?

13. You’re worried the drive from your family is too long

What if it takes hours and hours and you just can't bear the thought of being separated from them by this much land?

12. … But maybe it’s way too short

And suddenly you have family at your dorm every... Single... weekend...

11. … Or maybe it’s juuuuuuust right!

Not too far. Not too close. The perfect distance for the comfort of all parties involved.

10. Dorm life sounds like an absolute mystery and you must know what to expect, else you die

Is there really parties all the time? Is it nice? Will you like living there?

9. You sorta wanna know what kind of people you’ll be hanging out with

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It's a good idea to meet potential future fellow college students. Right?

8. … Will you like them?

I mean, it's not like you want to hate your fellow college goers.

7. … Will they like you?

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Oh god the insecurity. Please let them like you. Please please please.

6. You hate crowds and are afraid it’ll be too busy

What if you're just constantly running into people? Or people are constantly running into you? What if you can't breathe? What if there's PEOPLE!?

5. OR you hate a place that feels empty and are afraid the school is too tiny

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What if there's NOBODY there and you can't find anyone to talk to and it's too quiet and empty and lonely?

4. You’re afraid you’re letting all your friends’ opinions mess with your head

You love your friends, but you need to do what's right for you. Not what they are telling you to do.

3. You just need to know what you think about the college

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You need to clear your head. Get a good perspective. Make your own decision like the strong, independent future-college-goer you are.

2. You need to know if it FEELS right

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When you walk on campus, you'll just know one way or another. You need to feel it. Get into the vibe.

1. You need to know if you can imagine yourself living there

Ultimately, you need to know if you can see yourself living, studying, working and having an awesome time at every college you visit.

Have fun visiting colleges!

Make sure to search carefully and compile lists with just your top choices. Having 30 colleges on your list is fun, but you probably can't visit all of them.

Wipe your tears, chin up, and have fun! You'll rock it!

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